Specialised Farm Succession Services to Rural Businesses

We help rural businesses to  plan for the future, deal with a crisis, manage change and positively move through business transition and generational succession.



Business & Family Focused

Our services enable families to understand the nature of business transition and succession, avoid the pitfalls and better structure their planning. Most importantly, we support rural family businesses on a path to a prosperous and stress free future.

Planning Tomorrow

We have assisted many farming families in this way and we pride ourselves in maintaining family harmony throughout the discussions and planning, achieving definitive outcomes and keeping costs to a minimum.

Our Services

• Business Transition
• Succession Planning
• Mediation and conflict resolution 
• Financial Management
• Retirement and Estate Planning
• Exit strategy planning 
• Debt Restructuring
• Strategic Planning
• Retirement Living and Aged Care

Why Talk to Us?

Throughout business and family life we are often faced with events or changing circumstances that are key "turning points".

The decisions we make will have a long lasting effect on our businesses, our families and often the lives of lives and often those of future generations. 

Next Rural understands that rural family owned businesses face some of the toughest challenges of any enterprise and it is our mission to guide you to a viable and sustainable succession and transition outcome.




Our affordable and timely service



Provide best practise advice to Rural and Regional Businesses



Deliver definite outcome




Encourage family harmony