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Next Rural is widely recognised for our expertise in managing the complexities of rural family owned businesses and the challenges they face in  their business, property and retirement transition


Clear commitment

With Next Rural you will get a clear commitment that our program will provide you with:

01. Clear objectives and a future action plan

02. Cost effective solutions

03. Definite outcomes in realistic timeframes

This will be achieved with a full appreciation of the need to encourage family commitment and harmony. You will be able to manage your cost commitment throughout the planning and transition process. You can make a decision on how and when to proceed to the next phase

Your business/succession, retirement and estate transition will not be a one-off event. With Next Rural you will be able to effectively manage it over time, ensuring an outcome that meets the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders.

 Our Phased Approach

Each phase will provide you with real results that will move you through your business transition process.



Key Findings phase

During the Key findings Phase information is gathered and family, business and ownership objectives are established. Key issues are identified and dealt with in a sensible, pragmatic and prioritised fashion.



Recommendation phase

Options and solutions, including accounting, legal and financial considerations are put forward for review. When recommendations are finalised you will be ready to implement your plan.



Implementation phase

Final recommendations are included in a Deed of Family Arrangement and then actioned. Your Succession, Retirement and Estate Plans will have been established.



New Beginning phase

The New Beginning phase establishes the framework to meet your family’s future lifestyle, retirement and ongoing business objectives.

Farm Succession Education Support Programs

Next Rural is pleased to have successfully implemented its Business Transition education and support programs in conjunction with major industry bodies such as:

Kondinin 'Your Family, Your Farm, Your Future' program

NSW Farmers Association 'Business Assist' program

NSW Women in Agriculture

Agforce Queensland 'Business Essentials' program


Growcom 'Knowledge Plant'

Australian Women in Agriculture


Business Succession Support programs

 Next Rural work with leading Agricultural Groups such as National Australia Bank to assist their clients in managing change, business transition and generational succession.



Next Rural are experienced professionals in business, accounting, financial and mediation services. We are dedicated to bringing best practice advice and support to Rural Australia.


A highly respected financial institution who has been helping Australians create secure financial futures since 1840


One of Australia's largest country legal practices. They are based in Wagga Wagga NSW

A leading international chartered accounting firm